5 February 2021

Predicted R&D innovations for 2021 in farming and agriculture

Farmers are being encouraged to bring innovation into their farming and agriculture business, as the government commits to extra Research…

13 August 2020

The impact of lockdown on the agriculture sector

The pandemic has highlighted just how vital food production is for our society. However, agriculture has become one of the…

14 January 2020

Agriculture and farming in 2020 – the next decade for the industry

The agriculture and farming industry will undergo a huge transformation over the next ten years. The RSA’s Food Farming and…

18 December 2019

2019’s developments in UK Agri-Tech

Britain was at the head of the revolution which took place in agriculture over the course of the 18th century….

22 October 2019

The greatest challenges facing UK farming today

UK Farming has always faced varying challenges caused by climate, market conditions and labour supply. These challenges are ever more…

Think piece
25 April 2019

What does a post-Brexit world mean for UK innovation?

Brexit, will we ever hear the last of it? Every day brings fresh news and twists in the saga which…

14 February 2019

The UK’s most sustainable farms

As the UK moves towards its EU exit, the focus on food security and farming has become ever more intense….

1 February 2019

What R&D tax credits could mean for British farms

Recent figures have shown that British farms and the UK farming industry received less than 1% of all research and…

29 January 2019

What 2019 has in store for British farming

No matter how you look at it, every industry will be concerned with the impacts of Brexit. The UK leaving…

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