Augustus Martin experienced first hand the extraordinary impact of optimising a previous R&D claim

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“The amount our business received in R&D Tax relief more than doubled” – Augustus Martin 

Working with Kene Partners, Augustus Martin received a 100% increase in claim value resulting in a £500,000 R&D tax rebate.

Augustus Martin is the UK’s leading manufacturer of POS, POP and outdoor media. They are committed to creating products with impact, design and above all innovation at the heart.

Prior to working with Kene Partners, Augustus Martin processed their R&D claims in-house. To their own admission, they were unsure of the nuances in the legislation and if certain costs would qualify and this had resulted in an overly conservative claim.

Augustus Martin were sceptical of the opportunity cost benefit they would receive from engaging with an external R&D tax specialist such as Kene Partners.

A one day workshop was organised with top-level management and key stakeholders to demonstrate the incremental benefit Kene Partners could add, focusing on both previous and current R&D claims. At the start of the workshop, clear boundaries were established between eligible and ineligible activities, which were then translated into the cost collection process.

Throughout the workshop day, Kene Partners held interviews with technical professionals within the business to capture all relevant costs.

Through this process Kene Partners identified over 20 projects, 12 of which were commercially focused whilst the remainder were focused on internal software-based developments.

Augustus Martin

Following the workshop, Kene Partners produced a comprehensive technical narrative to justify the claim. The report covered the wide-ranging projects undertaken over the various claim periods and associated R&D expenditure levels. This provided HMRC with a clear view of the typical activities within each highlighted project.

As a result, Augustus Martin received a twofold increase in claim value, resulting in a claim value, of £500,000.

These sizable funds will be reinvested into the development of digital tools that will enable the company to offer highly scalable concept-to-store printing solutions, helping them to maximise efficiency by digitising their processes.

Augustus Martin said, “Prior to working with Kene Partners, we processed our R&D claims in-house. Kene Partners helped us to translate the R&D scheme into specific actions that helped us to produce a more robust and thorough claim. Their team of technical specialists quickly understood what we do and were able to identify elements of our business that were eligible for R&D Tax relief that we weren’t aware of.”

“As a result of working with Kene Partners, the amount our business received in R&D Tax relief more than doubled. Working with Kene Partners not only saved us valuable time and internal resource but has meant that this year we can reinvest twice the amount of money back into our business.” The Augustus Martin Team.

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