Making your R&D tax credit claims go further

If we spot the potential to enhance any claims from the last two years, we can re-submit on your behalf, giving your business an additional cash boost.

Our free review service benchmarks your claim using the following criteria:

  1. Opportunity

    R&D legislation is dense and daunting. We’ll use our technical firepower to determine if all qualifying activities are accounted for. Our R&D tax specialists will also check for wider opportunities across your business to enhance your claim.

  2. Risk

    Poor quality claims can increase the risk of an enquiry or penalty from HMRC. If the relevant expenditure cannot be validated, you risk losing money on your R&D benefit. We’ll assess to see if your claim can hold up to HMRC scrutiny.

  3. Value

    Although largely unregulated as a form of self-assessment, R&D claim preparation is a technically-demanding process. If you’re using a consultancy, we can assess the minimum acceptable criteria to ensure you’re getting value for money.

  4. Process

    Many companies waste time on unnecessary parts of the claims process or lack a solid methodology that is both transferrable and able to capture all relevant costs. We’ll review your process to see where efficiencies can be made.

Meet our R&D tax specialist team

Health check your R&D claim using our quick self-assessment test

We’ve designed a quick tool to help identify if you’re getting the most out of your R&D claims. By identifying any potential weaknesses in how you’re claiming, you can maximise your benefit whilst minimising your risk.

In minutes, this short test will guide you on the next steps to help optimise your R&D claims, or give you extra reassurance that you’re already doing everything you can to get the most from your R&D tax relief.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. It takes less than 5 minutes
  2. You’ll answer 17 questions
  3. We’ll benchmark your claim to see if it’s the best it can be

We’d love to help you enhance your R&D tax credit claim

Working together, we can help you identify missed opportunities, uncover risks and ensure your claim is robust and maximised; giving you the high-quality claim your forward-thinking ideas deserve. Arrange a free consultation with our team of experienced and approachable tax incentive advisers today.

Andy Royce

R&D Senior Manager

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