Meet our consulting team

Consisting of engineers, science and technical PhDs, and ex. Big Four, our ability to identify and quantify R&D is second to none. Our expertise is what allows us to deliver consistently outstanding results for our clients, taking your business to the next level through the government’s R&D incentives.

Sage Lakhani

Head of Consulting

Andy Royce

R&D Tax Manager

Olly Newman

R&D Technical Manager

Vishnu Pillai

R&D Tax Manager

Max Braham

R&D Tax Manager

Fergus Watson

Senior Finance Consultant

Dr Arwyn Evans

R&D Tax Manager

Lu Edwards

Trainee R&D Tax Consultant

Riley Robinson

R&D Technical Associate

Jack Duddridge

R&D Tax Associate

Haseeb Malik

R&D Associate

Rob Taylor

R&D Associate

Klara Adams

R&D Tax Analyst

Maike Schmidt

R&D Analyst

Katerina Platonova

R&D Tax Associate

Sam Holmes

R&D Tax Associate

Farheen Khalid

CT Ops Associate

Lorenzo Montani

R&D Enquiry Analyst

Joe Elliott

R&D Tax Analyst

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