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Enquiries typically result in your tax credit or repayment being delayed, giving inspectors time to better understand the submission and aligned costs. Support during this time is crucial for answering complex questions that help align your claim with the vast nuances of the government guidelines. The time and resources needed to close an enquiry cannot be underestimated.

  • Efficiently handled
    Our experience with HMRC on helping to shape R&D policy means we can understand what they are asking, and why, to get to a solution quicker.
  • Expert support
    You’ll get full support from our team of engineers, scientists and sector specialists to help answer complex questions from HMRC.
  • Excellent results
    We are pioneers in our industry for client service; more than 90% of clients would recommend us

Our process

By mobilising our team of in-house R&D tax experts, sector specialists, and science and technology PhDs we will help ensure you receive the maximum amount of benefit under enquiry. We will tailor our process and assemble the team best-suited to the particularities of your business and its enquiry, but typically our process includes the following steps:


Our free consultation enables us to review your claim and understand HMRC’s rationale for the enquiry. Based on our analysis, we’ll recommend our next steps.


The enquiry will be handed over to our in-house experts who will start correspondence with HMRC in order to come to a resolution. This includes gathering any further information that is required to better understand the R&D claim.

Formal response

Before our response is submitted to HMRC, you will see a final version of the report written by our technical team. We will answer any questions you might have to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our response.


Once your report has been submitted, HMRC will review it and potentially come back with further questions. We will continue this process until the enquiry is resolved, seeking the best outcome for your business.

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