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Although many enquiries can be routine spot-checks or simple requests for additional information, in recent years there has been an increase in fraud and abuse of the R&D incentives. HMRC are focused on bolstering their internal compliance team to crack down on abuse of the tax credits; this means R&D claims are subject to increased scrutiny.

As a self-assessed benefit, abuse of R&D tax credits is not always deliberate, but common misconceptions or wrong interpretations of the R&D legislation can land companies in hot water.

Claims that HMRC choose to investigate are called ‘enquiries’. This process typically results in your tax credit or repayment being delayed, giving inspectors time to better understand the submission and aligned costs. Even if you’ve been claiming successfully for years, or it’s your first time, enquiries can happen to anyone.

Need support on your existing R&D tax claim?

Our Focus service utilises our team of experts who can support if:

  • You’ve received an enquiry from HMRC
  • You need technical R&D tax advice
  • You need a claim cost review
  • Your team require training on the R&D tax guidelines
  • You’re claiming R&D on behalf of a client and need advice
  • Your problem requires a specific, targeted solution and a specialist body of expertise

These are just some of the areas where we can add value to your R&D claim. Whatever you need, our experts can help.

Safeguard your R&D tax claim

Misconceptions or wrong interpretations of the R&D legislation are common and can land companies in hot water with HMRC.

Our Focus service utilises our team of experts to support your claim wherever you need it most. R&D tax credits are all we do, ensuring we can give you the best possible service.

  • Our team comprises engineers, science and technology PhDs, chartered tax advisers and sector specialists from a variety of industries
  • Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, and they love us for what we do
  • Our in-house technical firepower allows us to stay ahead of industry trends; this makes us best placed to support clients across a wide range of sectors at the cutting edge of what they do
  • We sit on HMRC’s R&D Communication Forum and contribute to discussions and advice on R&D policy and legislation
  • We have rigorous in-house quality assurance processes to ensure your claim is both maximized and as robust as it reasonably can be for HMRC’s review

R&D tax enquiry support

If you receive an enquiry, your business will be notified by a letter from HMRC. The time and resources needed to close an enquiry cannot be underestimated. Without support, the enquiry process can be time-consuming and technically demanding.

Our experience with HMRC on helping to shape R&D policy means we can understand what they are asking, and why. This can help minimize delays and generate productive relationships with HMRC for future claims.

We’ll work to defend your claim until any enquiry is resolved.

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