11 May 2022

How digital technology can transform the food and beverage industry

Back in 2018, Accenture estimated that food and drink (F&D) businesses could reduce costs by almost £53 billion and add £3 billion in revenue over ten years by adopting some key digital technologies.

20 April 2021

Food revolution and companies innovating in plant-based alternatives

Plant-based alternatives continue to be a growing lifestyle choice for many. Whether it’s down to ethics, health reasons, or planning…

Think piece
11 September 2020

Has Eat Out to Help Out actually helped out?

In August, more than 830,000 businesses signed up to the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ (EOTHO) promotion. The scheme…

30 July 2019

Recent innovations in food production revealed

The food industry is changing by the day. With ever-changing consumer preferences, rising production costs and emerging technologies rumbling along…

30 July 2019

Recent innovations in drink production

The global drinks industry is transforming as a result of environmental pressures, consumer demands, and governmental legislation. When it comes…

28 February 2019

Innovative food and beverage companies to watch in 2019

The global food and beverage industry is facing challenges like no other time in history. The number of mouths to…

17 January 2019

Future innovations in the food & beverage industry

The world of the food and beverage industry is worth multi-billions worldwide. Be it grocery retailing, the leisure industry or…

4 January 2019

Upcoming innovations of the drinks production industry

Drinks manufacturers are under growing pressure to evolve their production processes and the products they offer. The food and beverage…

30 November 2018

Current trends in the food and beverage industries

The Food and Beverage Industry is subject to constant change and now more than ever are we seeing new and…

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