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The news throughout 2018 was dominated by Brexit and gloomy predictions for the UK economy. However, construction in the UK showed no signs of slowing down as landscape-altering projects have continued to grow and develop.

The construction sector is worth billions. Many of the major cities in the UK are undergoing significant transformation due to government and privately backed ventures.

As ever, London’s skyline was filled with cranes throughout 2018 as projects such as 1 Undershaft began to take shape, but so were the skies of Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and more.

To demonstrate the progress made in 2018, here are four of the biggest construction projects to have enjoyed major development.


Despite the fact that there has been a lot of negative press around Crossrail in recent months as the launch date was missed, that is not to say that significant progress wasn’t made for the biggest infrastructure project in Europe in 2018.

The £15 billion scheme has been underway for over 6 years. This is alongside London’s continued growth and accelerating demand for more public transport.

Tunnelling has been completed, lines have been laid and new stations have been built. However, the finishing touches still seem to be some way off from completion.

New White Hart Lane

Another project which has suffered delays, is New White Hart Lane, the 61,000 capacity state-of-the-art stadium which will become the home of Tottenham Hotspurs.

The ground was due to open towards the end of 2018, however, critical safety systems were not yet fully operational. As a result, the opening date has been pushed back to March 2019.

The stadium is being talked about as one of the most innovative sports venues on the planet due to innovations seen nowhere else, which this video demonstrates.

Liverpool Waters

Liverpool Waters is a £5.5 billion project which will dramatically transform the waterfront of the only city in the UK with a UNESCO World Heritage Certificate for its stunning waterside architecture.

The development includes a stadium of its own. Everton Football Club had planning permission approved on the 60-acre site in 2018.

The site will also sit next to Liverpool 10 Streets which will be a brand new creative district in the city.

Both projects enjoyed significant progress throughout 2018. With even more set to launch in 2019, the future is looking extremely bright for the Northern city.

Battersea Power Station

The development of the Battersea Power Station site has been in the making for years, however, major milestones were passed in 2018, such as the successful launch of a green energy centre, which will power the 43-acre site and the homes of hundreds of residents.

Part one of the development opened in 2018. Brand new residential, retail, and dining spaces were now available to the public after years of work.

Once completed, the £8 billion project will be one of the most iconic landmarks in the capital. This will no doubt bring thousands of tourists and new investment into the area.

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