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It is a time of great change for the printing industry. Innovations within the sector have allowed for improved quality and more efficient production thanks to new digital printing technology.

The price of printing has fallen as production continues to become easier. Coupled with the ever-growing ferocity of competing for online attention, more and more businesses are moving back to print. The rise of independent magazines is a perfect counterpoint to the inaccuracy of the oft-heard assertion, ‘print is dead’.

Thanks to the ease of producing a niche publication and getting it out to print, a huge number of magazines have come into circulation and enjoyed fantastic success. One business that is thriving under the growth of independent magazines is Stack. Stack is a company that delivers a different and totally unique magazine to its subscribers each month.

To highlight how digital printing has facilitated such industry-wide growth, we’ve listed three modern breakthrough innovations within the sector.

Fully customisable clothing 

When people talk about digital printing, their minds often jump to printing on paper, not on clothing.

Digital printing has enabled a plethora of small businesses to design and produce clothing using nothing more than a specialised printer, as highlighted in this video.

Gone are the days when a fashion company had to send their designs off to a factory for production. A process that once took weeks, is now possible in under an hour. Almost immediately, ideas for garments can be brought to life.

Forbes listed some of the further applications in an extensive piece which you can find out more about here.

3D Printing 

The number of applications that 3D printing can offer is truly astounding and offer an alternative to the idea of what digital printing can offer society.

Not only are businesses being able to design and print new forms of products, but people’s lives are also literally being transformed by the new technology.

People who have lost limbs or are born with defects are being introduced to the next level of prosthesis. Life-changing prosthetics can be produced via 3D printing, something which was not possible a short while ago.

Watch this video to see how this incredible technology is helping people all over the world.


One of the key challenges facing printing businesses in this new age is dealing with increasing rates of shorter print runs. Businesses may see a high demand during a limited publication, but face dry spells in between printings. This creates not only financial difficulties but increases the need for staff to manage order entry administration. However, with the correct management and scheduling, the issue can be managed.

ESKO, an automation specialist, created a bespoke workflow management system that facilitates prepress tasks, speeds up printing, and reduces the rate of errors.

Digital printing is allowing a huge number of businesses across a number of industries to flourish, and as the technology continues to become faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective, it seems that everybody is set to win.

With further advancements in sustainability and AI, the future of print looks brighter than ever.