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Digital signage has fast become one of the most effective ways to promote brands, goods, and services to consumers in the heart of the world’s towns and cities. The urban landscape has changed immeasurably with the advancement of digital billboards and technologies that have become an attraction in some cities as well as a strategic marketing tool, so digital signage innovation is at the forefront of a huge point of discussion.

You only have to look at New York’s Times Square to see how millions of lights and epic digital signage have become a must-see for tourists as well as the consumers of NYC. In the digital signage industry, size matters in this day and age. If you’re wondering how the industry has innovated to bring the world the biggest and most memorable digital signage in recent times, let’s take a look at some of the largest projects to reach our streets.

New York, Marriott Marquis Hotel (Broadway)

Although there are plenty of fascinating digital signage projects along Times Square, the biggest and most impressive can be found on Broadway above the Marriott Marquis Hotel. The hotel has a digital wrap-around sign that features a whopping 24 million pixels and is 23 metres high and 100 metres long. To put that into context, that’s about the size of a professional football pitch. It’s become an iconic sign given that the in-built technology also records the thousands of passers-by that line the streets and stream them live onto social media.

Las Vegas, Fremont Street Walkway

If you’ve never been to Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street, why not?! Fremont Street is awash with fun, vibrant entertainment, with most of it occurring underneath the Fremont Street Experience digital walkway. Fremont Street boasts the world’s largest projection screen, with its Viva Vision canopy spanning 457 metres in length. Its 12 million-plus LED modules and mega sound system provide the backdrop for an insane hourly light show that tourists flock to from the Strip daily.

Istanbul, Istanbul Airport

Turkey’s Istanbul Airport is set to become the world’s largest airport once it is fully built, serving 200 million passengers and handling 2,000 aircraft on a daily basis. It has therefore embarked on one of the most ambitious digital signage projects alongside Samsung Electronics, fitting almost 700 SMART LCD and LED Signage screens spanning 1,012m². The signage will be operational in both departures and arrivals areas, from the check-in desk to baggage reclaim halls, captivating visitors to Istanbul whilst providing them with all the information they need to transit safely.

London, Piccadilly Circus

At the end of 2017, London’s Piccadilly Circus received a major overhaul of its own iconic digital signage. The curved advertising screens, which are the largest in Europe, have retained their curved appearance whilst still allowing advertisers to make the most of its patchwork-style appearance of six different ads at the same time. The advancement has also given the screens the capability to offer a brand the chance to take over the entire screen for specific campaigns.

For anyone in the digital signage innovation scene, it’s not actually what’s on a digital screen that matters, it’s what’s behind it. The technology, scalability, and durability of digital signage in 2019 are vital to ensuring brands deliver consistent and engaging experiences going forward.