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Digital displays are becoming cheaper to manufacture and manage on a large scale. As a result, more and more businesses and projects are utilising them to communicate messages and pieces of critical information.

Digital signage is one of the best tools available to advertisers and organisations that need to relay communications to vast numbers of people in high traffic areas, such as motorways or busy walking routes. Information can be altered quickly and shared with lots of people who can make more informed decisions. This can be critical in situations such as a fire on the London Underground or evacuation signs in a stadium.

2019 will see several large scale digital signage projects launched, three of which we have highlighted below.

New White Hart Lane

The long and protracted build of White Hart Lane, the soon to be opened new home of Tottenham Hotspur FC, is finally reaching its conclusion after several months of delays.

The £1billion project is the biggest of its kind in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. The 61,000 seater stadium will become a new landmark in London. As part of the project, over 1,800 screens have been connected to deliver fans an outstanding matchday experience.

Chris Smith, senior manager at LG, said ‘From when they enter the stadium and are greeted by statement LED screens through to their food and beverage experience, which features digital menu boards, to gamification and a two-way interactive experience with displays during the match.’

Smart motorways

Smart Motorways have been opening across the UK in the last few years as key upgrades are made across the network.

In an effort to alleviate traffic issues, electronic signal boards have been erected over hundreds of miles of motorways. These are all controllable from a central hub. They can dynamically change speed limits on motorways in order for traffic to be effectively managed, preventing needless buildups.

Furthermore, they can alert drivers that the hard shoulder can be used to drive on as an extra lane if there are too many cars over three lanes.

The work to convert the rest of the motorway network is underway. Many miles of road will be updated throughout 2019 as digital signage continues to make improvements to millions of lives.

Odeon Leicester Square

Leicester Square houses the Odeon Cinema, the venue where the biggest films get their premiers in the UK. However, the famous landmark required major upgrades in January 2019 and so works were undertaken to modernise the outdoor display.

As well as integration and display of live film times, trailers and marketing material, a ‘mirror wall’ feature was also created – displaying screens behind glass telling the story and evolution of the iconic location over the years.

These screens include motion graphics of classic premieres while the building’s vintage features, including the historic Compton organ, were restored.