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Drinks manufacturers are under growing pressure to evolve their production processes and the products they offer. The food and beverage sector is moving at pace in terms of consumer demands, warehousing and technology.

It’s harder than ever for beverage firms to maintain quality control whilst adopting changes to drinks. Furthermore, producers are looking to accelerate the staging and sorting of brand-new products and re-stock popular products with greater efficiency.

If you’re wondering about the next generation of technologies that are likely to be adopted in the drinks production industry – creating efficient and productive working environments – let’s take a look at some of the up-and-coming innovations.

Voice technology

Of course, voice technology is nothing new. Nevertheless, the drinks production sector is only now beginning to acknowledge the benefits of this tech, allowing for enhanced accuracy. Voice technology has transformed order picking. It has reduced the number of steps required for product selection in the warehouse, and at the consumer-facing stage. Voice technology also has the potential to revolutionise consumer trust and work to streamline employee operations. This can help minimise training time and allow new starters to get up to speed faster.

Flow-through sorting

In order to make the restocking of drinks simpler and less impactful on company resources, many beverage firms are considering implementing flow-through sorting systems. These automated storage and retrieval systems utilise robotics to collect and transport products within warehouses and distribution centres. The robotics helps to palletise and de-palletise drinks products retrieved from the warehouse. This will minimise the need for manual handling of product inventories.

AGV technology

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology has not been deemed trustworthy enough for inclusion in the food and beverage sector for several years now. However, the steady evolution of self-driving vehicles is encouraging drinks producers to dabble with AGV in their warehouse and back-end operations. The ability to combine AGV technology with a flow-through sorting system could revolutionise the efficiency of producers. Ultimately, this could save them precious pennies in the process.