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Octopus Energy hit the headlines recently on the back of a revelation it was buying up biomass plants (adding to the five they already manage, and counting). Its commitment to green energy caught everyone’s attention. But are other suppliers – most notably ‘the Big Six’ – on board or lagging behind?

In this short guide, we’ll look at what three of the big suppliers are doing to help their customers switch to green energy sources and help the environment.

1. EON

Installing solar panels in your home is a far more attractive option than buying from a supplier that uses brown energy, a term that describes energy derived from non-renewable and polluting sources, so it’s reassuring to see that EON offers its customers a solar panel installation service and choice of green energy tariffs.

Why are solar panels a good idea? They reduce reliance on the National Grid so that energy is created and stored organically. This, in turn, reduces the negative impact created by generating electricity through other less ecologically friendly means.

EON has tried to make these packages as enticing as possible to prospective customers. In some cases, you can even earn money by giving back unused solar energy. Incentives like this will hopefully encourage more UK homeowners to buy green energy.

2. British Gas

British Gas is on a carbon-neutral journey that showcases the company’s growing emphasis on UK green energy. But how big is its commitment toward creating a cleaner future? Let’s take a closer look at this ecologically-friendly initiative.

Take out a Green Future tariff with British Gas, and they’ll match 10% of the gas you use with a greener version that’s created by generators in the UK. This gas comprises farm waste and leftover food and, according to the energy supplier’s website, is almost completely carbon neutral.

Bear in mind that 90% of the remaining gas will be carbon-based. That’s because green gas is a relatively new method of heating. 

To compensate, British Gas supports carbon-cutting and environmental projects throughout the world. So their environmental endeavours appear sincere.

3. ScottishPower

Did you know that ScottishPower generates 100% of its electricity using renewable sources? This is thanks to the energy supplier’s extensive investment in windfarms – which can be found at numerous locations throughout the United Kingdom.

This change didn’t happen overnight. Its commitment to green energy began in 1992. Whilst other big suppliers are only just cottoning on to the importance of eco-friendly tariffs, ScottishPower were years ahead of their competitors and arguably lead the way.

Unlike some of the big industry hitters, ScottishPower does not partake in a practice known as ‘greenwashing’ either.

Greenwashing is where a supplier claims to be eco-friendly but sources their renewable energy from a coal-fired power station.