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We are entering the fourth Industrial Revolution thanks to the advent of information technology. As the IT era evolves, so to do the ways of collating and communicating information with others. From social media memes to fascinating scholarly journals, content is now being shared in ways we could never have imagined.

Combine this with impressive advancements in the hardware and software installed on our personal and mobile computers and it’s easy to see why IT in education is having a positive impact on improving learning outcomes among students. This article discusses the technology and communication trends and innovations that have taken education into a bold new future.

Students can tap into online platforms 

There has been a stark rise in online educational platforms that allow qualified experts to lend guidance to enthusiastic students. It is a trend that will almost certainly continue when you consider the cost-saving implications for universities and colleges being able to offer full degrees for completing online courses in the form of distance learning.

Tablet learning improves student engagement

Many schools and academies are increasingly moving away from the blackboard to tablet learning. Students are part of the new generation that has been brought up with mobile technology, so it makes complete sense to empower them with tablets and other handheld devices that can engage them with real learning. Furthermore, applications designed solely for students learning on mobile devices can integrate gamification and new technologies such as augmented and virtual realities to add a new dimension to learning experiences.

Students can teach their friends using technology they’ve assimilated

One way in which teachers have been able to evolve their classroom techniques is to empower pupils to teach themselves and their fellow classmates using the technology they’ve assimilated as they’ve grown up. Pupils are increasingly urged to demonstrate their learning and the new concepts they’ve digested by communicating with others using the same technology they learned with in the first place.

Tutoring can be global

In today’s truly global, always-connected world, students can gain access to an infinite amount of information and data online. However, they’ll also be able to tap into an unlimited number of minds and mentors. Globalisation and technology have made it possible for students to be tutored from professionals all over the world. This is especially useful for students with time constraints. They’ll be able to create their own schedule and still receive the attention they need from a specialist in their field.

Proofreading and editing is easier than ever 

Technology has made it easier for students to proofread and edit their essays and coursework prior to submission. Grammar and spelling mistakes have virtually become be a thing of the past, with tools such as online editors. Technology applications like these have improved the overall quality of pupils’ output, helping them to achieve the grades they desire.