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The Food and Beverage Industry is subject to constant change and now more than ever are we seeing new and imaginative trends sweeping the industries. This is a result of the new ‘mindful’ consumer.

Consumers are becoming more health and environmentally conscious and in conjunction with scientific and technological input, innovative movements within food and beverage are happening thick and fast. Below are some of the most popular food and drink choices of the moment.

Cold Brew

From independent coffee shops to worldwide chains, cold brew is the flavour of the month. Simply put, cold brew is coffee that has been brewed with cold water; this method gives the beans a mellower taste. It’s easy to make at home and has added environmental benefits of not using electricity to heat the water, therefore, it’s clear to see why this has become a current trend amongst millennials.

Antioxidant lattes  

Just like cold brew, lattes are taking the coffee world by storm, a major player in the food and beverage industry.  A twist on the original, antioxidant lattes are increasingly popular at the moment. Verdant matcha has firmly established itself in the market, with the golden Turmeric following in its footsteps. However, both have made way for the distinctive Charcoal latte. Apparently boasting a myriad of health benefits, it’s becoming a firm favourite amongst the health-conscious and curious. Even making its way into food, items such as croissants and ice cream are being showcased across Instagram.


This year has seen a rise in bitter flavours in the food and beverage industry, particularly amongst the drinking half. This year’s long, hot summer called for a drink to match; the vibrant Aperol climbed in popularity and has shown no signs of stopping. We can expect to see a rise in the popularity of bitter foods, too. People are opting for Korean and Japanese cuisines and chefs are deliberately charring food to give it a bitter edge.


Buddha bowls and Acai bowls took the food industry by storm and now Hawaiian Poke is the front-runner of the ‘bowl’ trend. Consumers can pick and choose what goes into their bowl, this autonomy is, therefore, helping to redefine the concept of fast food. Fresh, healthy and tasty, Poke is perfect for the clean eating consumer.

Meat alternatives

The boom in veganism has seen chefs incorporate plant proteins into their dishes. Soya, tofu, and tempeh have become main staples and a collision of science and gastronomy has seen an increase in authentic tasting meat alternatives. The Impossible Burger has made waves in the industry; it tastes like meat and ‘bleeds’ like meat but is 100% animal-free. Supermarkets have released their own versions, with some being heralded as even better than The Impossible.


Brunch is still the most popular meal amongst consumers but people are calling for more than avocado on toast. Thanks to the rise in Mediterranean and Israeli cuisines, this flavourful, rich, egg-based dish has established itself as a go-to brunch.  Cafes and restaurants are even putting their own spin on the traditional meal, with some offering an en vogue ‘deconstructed’ version.