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Giving the team unlimited holiday leave was always in the business plan. It’s something that is absolutely fundamental to the Kene Partners beliefs.

As we know, in business as in life outside of work, relationships are key. Be they with with your suppliers, colleagues, clients, or in your private life, they matter enormously. But have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with your job?

We all have healthy relationships that make our lives genuinely better, that motivate us to be better. We have friends that raise the bar for us, often without meaning to. However, we also all know those bad-influence people in our lives who drain away some of our productive energy.

We spend more time in our work environment than with those we love, and certainly more than doing our hobbies. For me, that’s where my frustration for the conventional ‘trading office time for holiday time’ method comes from.

We all have goals; important, individual goals that we want to achieve in our lives. You may wish to travel to amazing places, build a happy family, earn lots of money, achieve sporting excellence, give back to society, or all of them combined. Our belief is that your working environment should be the conduit to ensure that your personal goals are achieved. We believe that if a member of our team is going to dedicate years of their life for the good of the company, it’s the very least we can do.

So, what we want is for everyone to have a very healthy relationship with their desk. The feeling of being in the gym, feeling strong, feeling like you’re making progress towards that dream body. If you can align your work goals with your personal goals, incredible things can happen.

Our team is no different from any other: we are hard-wired to seek improvement in the way we work. To optimise, streamline, automate, and remove red tape. Occasionally when we come across an opportunity to lean up our process we will hunker down and work on it, sometimes for days. Its essential that everyone in my team knows that when they slice 20% of their workload out through smart thinking, they can then choose whether or not they fill that additional time with commission bearing project work, or time away from the office working on those personal goals.