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The source, quality and sustainability of our water resources is a key factor in the lives of both businesses and individuals. Companies are working hard to ensure there is an adequate supply of the correct quality throughout the UK and abroad.

Examples of problems to be solved through R&D within these sectors

  • How to maintaining the quality, quantity and accessibility of clean running water for everyone
  • How to prevent the contamination of water through chemical spillage, poor sewer systems and environmental factors
  • How to keep beaches, rivers and watercourses clean and free of disease
  • How to reduce leakage and waste to improve efficiency
  • How to reducing the odour from waste processing plants
  • How to work with both local authorities and customers to improve service to domestic users

Examples of what constitutes R&D in these sectors

The HMRC test as to whether a Company is performing R&D is whether there is ‘appreciable improvement’ in a situation as a result of ‘addressing a scientific and technological uncertainty’.

In these sectors, R&D will be focussed upon the delivery of a sustainable water source, a reliable sewage system and the minimising of waste.

  • Reviewing existing machinery and creating new models which are more efficient
  • Using data and information from a variety of sources to develop an understanding of where potential contamination may start and finding a solution to prevent this
  • Creating a portable water filtration system that can be used by hikers
  • Developing a new waste management system with fewer emissions
  • Solving onsite technical problems during the chemical waste process
  • Developing a method to reduce the odour released from sewage works