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2018 was a year when terms such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, micro-interactions, Artificial Intelligence and personalisation became the norm as significant strides were taken in the digital industries.

The UK is a global leader in the sector and a number of trends developed throughout the year. Many of these highlighted the talent and innovation within the industry, which is now worth an estimated £268 billion to the British economy.

The fact that the digital sector is worth so much is not the most encouraging thing. Rather, it’s the fact that the industry is still growing and regular innovations within it, are driving continued growth.

More and more people are learning skills and trying methods of creating online experiences that stick in the user’s mind. Naturally, as the industry grows, so does competition within the market, which drives innovation.

To highlight the development of web design, here are the biggest trends from 2018.

Homepage video

Web design has to take into account a number of factors, one of which is SEO. Not only does a web page have to look beautiful, but it has to also be optimised to get the best possible score from Google and rank in organic searches.

Video ticks both boxes as algorithms that rank websites see video as a positive asset to have on a homepage. This is because it is seen as the best form of relaying information to a user.

For the user, video can be engaging and enjoyable if used correctly on a homepage. Though it suits some industries more than others, it is one of the most popular ways to wow an audience. The implementation of video can deliver a truly unique experience. Check out a brilliant example by clicking here.

Unconventional layouts

As trends became more widely adopted in the years leading up to 2018, plenty of websites started to look the same. Standard rules about responsiveness, white space, and minimalism were implemented and shared on all kinds of sites. This led to many websites, and especially the ones created by design agencies, to become homogenised in their appearance.

Realising that users didn’t want to see the same web layout over and over again, top designers took different directions in an attempt to stand out again.

inVision Studio created a website that did exactly that in 2018, and the results are absolutely stunning. Not only does the website use video in an incredibly elegant way, but it also combines an unconventional layout and stylish animations. Click here to view the inVision Studio website.

Simple animation that’s not distracting

Animation can be a tricky element to incorporate into web design. If you include too much, it can become annoying and overbearing, while also slowing down the load time of a page. On the other hand, doing a small amount can look at odds with the rest of a website if it is not carried out holistically to connect a user journey.

However, many businesses using animation in 2018, managed to get it just right. This has led to animation becoming a staple of most websites wanting to impress over the past 12 months.

Here are a couple of the best examples from 2018:

One Design Company
Your Plan Your Planet