A Speedy Claim Process For Large Format Printing Specialists RMC

Andy Royce

Large format printing specialists RMC Digital specialises in supplying print to trade signage, exhibition, stage and set design companies.

They engaged Kene Partners to help them with their first R&D Tax credit claim.

“The introductory presentation made it clear from the outset what the R&D scheme was and how it worked and gave a defined outline for the timeline of the claim and what Kene Partners would deliver.”

Kene Partners conducted a one day workshop with the relevant stakeholders within the RMC team. This enabled Kene Partners to quickly and efficiently collate the necessary detail needed to complete the claim, which resulted in less back and forth and less time invested by RMC.

“The technical interview didn’t waste unnecessary time as Kene Partners was able to quickly explain to the team at RMC what information was required in terms of technical detail. We appreciated the dedication of the Kene Partners team in spending a full working day on-site with our team to conduct the technical interviews, as this maximised time-efficiency for our team and enabled in-depth discussions that identified many activities that were cross-coupled. As a result, we felt the technical report framed the information we gave in a way that was expertly adapted to the legislation of the R&D scheme, and accurately represented the development work at RMC.”

“It was clear to us from the initial presentation that if we attempted to process the claim ourselves we would not have been able to get the full value of the claim.”

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