11 May 2022

How digital technology can transform the food and beverage industry

Back in 2018, Accenture estimated that food and drink (F&D) businesses could reduce costs by almost £53 billion and add £3 billion in revenue over ten years by adopting some key digital technologies.

1 March 2022

A look back; 2020 Chemical Innovation Trends

Although we don’t always see it, chemical processes and compounds impact our everyday life. From wellbeing to health and safety,…

8 July 2021

Alternatives to single-use plastics in UK manufacturing

With continued evidence that single-use plastics are harmful to our planet and more and more companies looking to provide alternative…

22 October 2019

The greatest challenges facing UK farming today

UK Farming has always faced varying challenges caused by climate, market conditions and labour supply. These challenges are ever more…

Think piece
3 May 2019

What impact will automation and the resulting loss of jobs have on innovation?

It is never easy to predict the future. However, it can be said with some degree of certainty is that…

Think piece
25 April 2019

What does a post-Brexit world mean for UK innovation?

Brexit, will we ever hear the last of it? Every day brings fresh news and twists in the saga which…

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