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R&D claim preparation is a technically demanding process. At Kene Partners, we support you all the way. We always take the time to get to know your business; we deliver value with a team who really understand the technicalities of your innovation and the legislation. This means we can accurately capture and quantify all the relevant costs and expenditure and deliver the maximum benefit for your innovation.

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Our process

Each step is designed to get the most value out of your team in the most efficient
and effective way possible. We go the distance, so you can focus on the day-to-day:

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Previously claimed

Over two-thirds of the R&D tax claims we look at have an opportunity to improve. If you’ve previously claimed R&D tax credits, we can help to identify missed opportunities, benchmark performance and uncover potential risks. Maximising your claim injects more money back into your business, enabling you to invest in your people, your processes, and the tools that enable you to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

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“Once Kene had compiled the report and the claim sent off, I then asked what they expected the figure to be. When the email came through I choked on my coffee, then thought there was a typing error – £77,000!

Safe to say I did not expect the sum we received. From initial conversation through to submission of our claim, and money back in our account, the process was easy, and took little time.”

– Imageco

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