Think piece
20 October 2020

Urban realities and the future of city real estate

Six months have now passed since lockdown commenced in the UK and the impact of COVID-19 truly began to take…

29 September 2019

The biggest UK housing projects in 2019

The UK market has been experiencing a housing shortage for some time. This has led to an unchanging high demand,…

Think piece
4 April 2019

The state of the UK housing market in 2019

Inevitably, the British housing market is inexorably linked to how Brexit affects the UK, house prices and the entire economy…

8 October 2018

Sustainable projects that are shaping the real estate sector

Environmental sustainability is changing the way global industries, governments, businesses and individuals behave. The World Health Organisation estimates that climate…

7 September 2018

What R&D tax credits can mean for property developers

It is good to see that an increasing number of businesses and organisations are taking full advantage of the UK…

13 November 2017

Understanding R&D in the real estate sector

Any viewer of the acclaimed Channel 4 programme Grand Designs will know that innovation and new buildings go hand in…

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