11 May 2022

How digital technology can transform the food and beverage industry

Back in 2018, Accenture estimated that food and drink (F&D) businesses could reduce costs by almost £53 billion and add £3 billion in revenue over ten years by adopting some key digital technologies.

13 April 2021

The long-term consequences of the 2020 retail crash

Even before the global pandemic, there were constant concerns regarding the future of the high street. As the full effects…

Think piece
2 September 2020

Has lockdown forever tipped the scales in the competition between online and physical retail?

It’s no surprise that online retail has shot up since the global spread of Covid-19. The introduction of lockdown made…

Think piece
22 May 2020

What impact will lockdown restrictions have on the cyclical summer 2020 retail sector?

UK retail in 2020 is one of many industries still trying to unpick the riddle of the coronavirus pandemic. Since…

3 January 2020

Retail in 2020 – the next decade for the industry

The past decade has been far from rosy for the UK high street. Further to the financial crisis of 2007/8,…

18 December 2019

Sustainability efforts in the retail sector

Consumers are growing ever more eco-conscious. Concerned by reports of climate change, they are searching for brands that take sustainability…

18 December 2019

The UK’s biggest upcoming retail projects

Going shopping certainly isn’t what it used to be. It no longer needs to involve a trip to the town…

13 December 2019

The biggest innovations in retail sustainability

There’s no denying that retail sustainability is vital, given the hefty carbon footprint that the sector leaves, and the need…

23 August 2019

Five innovative retail spaces from around the world

As the shopping habits of consumers transform, so do the spaces in which they shop. It’s these transformations that bring…

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