2 September 2021

Cutting-edge innovation projects from the UK right now

In a world going through such a huge period of transition, it may not be surprising to learn just how…

5 May 2021

Hydrogen technology | The UK’s role in the adoption of hydrogen tech

Innovations surrounding hydrogen technology seem to be a key part of the government’s ‘Road to Zero’ plans, wherein they hope…

5 May 2021

The UK’s role in the space sector

When it comes to thoughts of the international space race, the UK may not immediately come to mind; and with…

Think piece
18 December 2020

What is the government doing to invest in UK technology? 

Sitting at the heart of the UK economy, the technology industry is a thriving catalyst, helping to fuel the country’s…

3 September 2020

The effects of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical industry 

Pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved in the race to find a reliable vaccine to combat covid-19. For many, it has…

22 June 2020

Industries that have repurposed their technologies to aid COVID-19 relief efforts

The global coronavirus crisis has broken the hearts of millions worldwide. Fortunately, this unprecedented economic and public health situation has…

7 April 2020

How the global pandemic is driving invention and innovation for UK businesses

Global events, such as worldwide recessions or pandemics, have a way of reshaping the course of businesses, economies, and governments….

18 March 2020

The scientific breakthroughs to expect in the 2020s

Making predictions about scientific breakthroughs over the next ten years is a daunting task. On the flip side, scientists are…

27 November 2019

The scientific innovations that are changing our lives this year

Scientific innovations and breakthroughs invariably happen gradually, over a period which is bookended by the inception of research and implementation,…

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