4 April 2019

Five pioneering sewage and wastewater companies

What are the key trends and innovations when assessing best practices by wastewater and sewage treatment companies? In brief, we…

Think piece
15 January 2019

What does the future hold for sewage and waste management?

According to the United Nations (UN), the world’s population will rise by 20% from 6.5 billion inhabitants to eight billion…

4 January 2019

How wastewater treatment will change in the years to come

Climate change, urbanisation, ageing infrastructure, spiralling energy costs, and an evolving regulatory environment are just some of the challenges facing…

21 September 2018

Innovations in wastewater treatment

The global water industry is facing a series of complex challenges, from climate change and urbanization to ageing infrastructure and…

13 November 2017

Understanding R&D in the water, sewage and waste sectors

The source, quality and sustainability of our water resources is a key factor in the lives of both businesses and…

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