11 May 2022

How digital technology can transform the food and beverage industry

Back in 2018, Accenture estimated that food and drink (F&D) businesses could reduce costs by almost £53 billion and add £3 billion in revenue over ten years by adopting some key digital technologies.

19 April 2022

UK R&D in 2022/23: HMRC’s upcoming changes to legislation, qualifying costs and more

HMRC has proposed a number of changes to the way R&D claims are calculated, submitted, and processed. As the administrating body of the government’s R&D tax credits, HMRC wants to make sure that the incentives acknowledge and accommodate current forms of innovation and trends in UK science and technology.

5 April 2022

The cybersecurity industry; a discussion with Danny Lopez

Since the 1980s, we have been going further and further into what has been dubbed ‘the digital age’.  However, never…

6 January 2022

Looking forward: Five tech trends to watch in 2022

As strange as the last couple of years have been, technology will never standstill. If anything, the pandemic has accelerated…

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