1 September 2021

How has the UK construction industry adapted in the last two years?

The global pandemic has changed how we work, where, and when. Its effect on industries, in general, has been transformative…

16 March 2021

Reinvigorating the UK construction industry | Upcoming projects to aid the sector

It’s not surprising that the UK construction industry, like so many others, has been hit hard by COVID-19. Before the…

13 August 2020

Emerging green technologies in the construction industry

When it comes to saving the environment, construction has significant responsibility and part to play. In fact, some studies claim…

30 January 2020

The next decade for construction

The construction industry has faced a series of challenges in the past few years. Construction material costs have been increasing…

18 December 2019

How construction has changed in the 2010s

There’s never been a better time for construction. Demand for housing and business premises is high. Design, functionality and material…

Think piece
18 December 2019

The value of promoting sustainability in the construction industry?

Given the rapid developments in awareness and activism surrounding climate change, the question of sustainability has taken pole position in…

24 September 2019

The UK’s most sustainable construction projects

The UK construction industry hasn’t always been noted for its vision when it comes to sustainable practices. But further changes…

12 September 2019

Innovative uses of modern day printing

The printing industry has gone through significant change over the past few years. This has been encouraged by the need…

3 May 2019

The UK’s most sustainable construction companies

To highlight best sustainable practices by construction companies, it is worth looking at what kinds of practices needed to be…

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