18 November 2020

The curse of COVID-19 | Sectors that are successfully weathering the storm

Many sectors are struggling in the current climate of COVID-19, with restrictions on personnel in the workplace to deal with,…

6 November 2020

Boom or bust? The companies and sectors benefiting from COVID-19

Plenty of firms and sectors have been completely incapacitated by COVID-19. But there are also some companies that have tread…

6 November 2020

The biggest infrastructure projects that have been severely delayed or cancelled this year

There’s little doubt about it: 2020 has been the year of Covid. Indeed, this hasn’t been a typical year, by…

3 September 2020

The effects of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical industry 

Pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved in the race to find a reliable vaccine to combat covid-19. For many, it has…

13 August 2020

The impact of lockdown on the agriculture sector

The pandemic has highlighted just how vital food production is for our society. However, agriculture has become one of the…

22 June 2020

Industries that have repurposed their technologies to aid COVID-19 relief efforts

The global coronavirus crisis has broken the hearts of millions worldwide. Fortunately, this unprecedented economic and public health situation has…

Think piece
7 May 2020

Crisis innovation | Looking to the future

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world is set to experience an economic decline not seen since the…

7 April 2020

How the global pandemic is driving invention and innovation for UK businesses

Global events, such as worldwide recessions or pandemics, have a way of reshaping the course of businesses, economies, and governments….

20 March 2020

Kene Partners’ statement on COVID-19

Dear all, These are testing times for small business owners across the globe. Uncertainty cripples us all, “business as usual”…

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