Think piece
14 January 2020

Printing industry in 2020 | What the next decade has in store

Over the past decade, we’ve experienced the rise of digital technology. This has taken a significant toll on the printing…

18 December 2019

Innovative uses of 3D printing

When 3D printing first emerged (in what year?), it was rightly seen as a major innovation allowing people to custom…

12 September 2019

Innovative uses of modern day printing

The printing industry has gone through significant change over the past few years. This has been encouraged by the need…

Think piece
4 April 2019

Potential future innovations within the printing industry

The printing industry might not be a sector which most people associate with having futuristic innovations on the horizon including…

2 July 2018

R&D in the printing industry – innovation in printing

R&D in the printing Industry is perhaps seeing the biggest development in innovation since the industrial revolution. Three-dimensional printing has quickly…

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