5 February 2021

Predicted R&D innovations for 2021 in farming and agriculture

Farmers are being encouraged to bring innovation into their farming and agriculture business, as the government commits to extra Research…

10 July 2020

Ambitious new plans for UK innovation and R&D tax reliefs

On the 1st of July 2020, the UK government published a formidable new roadmap, outlining its new plans for R&D…

Think piece
29 May 2020

What is the current government outlook on R&D tax credits?

The UK witnessed a new dawn for politics late last year, at least for the next five years, as the…

30 July 2019

How to build a startup with R&D at its foundation

Creating any new business requires determination, ambition, and more than a hint of innovation to stand out from the crowd….

30 October 2018

How will the R&D tax changes announced in the 2018 budget affect your company

The Budget yesterday announced anti-avoidance measures for the R&D SME tax relief scheme. To deter abuse from fraudulent companies who…

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