10 March 2021

The impact of the 2021 budget on R&D tax credits

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has unveiled his 2021 budget. Sunak set out both further investment and grants…

4 February 2021

Why R&D credits are the best way to fund your innovation

The government’s R&D tax-credit legislation is purposefully broad in order to capture innovation in all sectors. Today’s article looks at…

20 January 2021

Understanding R&D tax credits in the water industry

Water efficiency is an issue for many sectors, making the water industry one of the nation’s most vital. This means…

Think piece
29 May 2020

What is the current government outlook on R&D tax credits?

The UK witnessed a new dawn for politics late last year, at least for the next five years, as the…

27 May 2020

The financial benefits of R&D innovation incentives for your business

Across the world, countries have made R&D tax schemes and innovation incentives available to businesses within their region. These have…

Think piece
7 May 2020

Crisis innovation | Looking to the future

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world is set to experience an economic decline not seen since the…

Think piece
18 March 2020

The industries that have the most room to benefit from R&D tax credits

Since its inception in 2000, Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits have offered significant financial incentives for ambitious, innovative businesses…

10 March 2020

The progress made in R&D tax credit legislation in the 2010s

Since the implementation of R&D Tax Credits for small and large businesses, designed to encourage in-house innovation by providing tax…

25 September 2019

An overview of the September 2019 HMRC R&D consultative committee meeting

On the 24th of September, HMRC held its bi-annual R&D Consultative Committee meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for R&D…

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