10 March 2021

The impact of the 2021 budget on R&D tax credits

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has unveiled his 2021 budget. Sunak set out both further investment and grants…

4 February 2021

Why R&D credits are the best way to fund your innovation

The government’s R&D tax-credit legislation is purposefully broad in order to capture innovation in all sectors. Today’s article looks at…

10 July 2020

Ambitious new plans for UK innovation and R&D tax reliefs

On the 1st of July 2020, the UK government published a formidable new roadmap, outlining its new plans for R&D…

27 May 2020

The financial benefits of R&D innovation incentives for your business

Across the world, countries have made R&D tax schemes and innovation incentives available to businesses within their region. These have…

Think piece
10 March 2020

The next decade for R&D tax

Rapid, disruptive change is happening across all areas of commercial activity. As such, tax relief for R&D has never been…

18 December 2019

What R&D tax credits can mean for component manufacturers

Research and Development Tax Credits were introduced by the Labour government in 2000. Targeted at small and medium businesses (SMEs),…

30 July 2019

How to build a startup with R&D at its foundation

Creating any new business requires determination, ambition, and more than a hint of innovation to stand out from the crowd….

1 February 2019

The state of R&D tax credits in 2018

In the UK government’s latest Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond reaffirmed a commitment to increasing total investment in research and development…

30 October 2018

How will the R&D tax changes announced in the 2018 budget affect your company

The Budget yesterday announced anti-avoidance measures for the R&D SME tax relief scheme. To deter abuse from fraudulent companies who…

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