2 June 2021

The current paths of the UK’s major energy players

Octopus Energy hit the headlines recently on the back of a revelation it was buying up biomass plants (adding to…

5 May 2021

Hydrogen technology | The UK’s role in the adoption of hydrogen tech

Innovations surrounding hydrogen technology seem to be a key part of the government’s ‘Road to Zero’ plans, wherein they hope…

13 April 2021

Wind now outpacing other renewable energy sources in the UK

In a change that has seen the dominance of fossil fuels reversed over the last decade, renewables now generate more…

Think piece
20 October 2020

The answer is blowing in the wind: are government wind farm targets ambitious?

On the 6th of October 2020, the government announced plans to make the UK a world leader in green energies,…

9 October 2019

2019 in the UK energy sector

Many sectors of the British economy are undergoing rapid change and the energy sector is certainly no exception. Technological developments…

19 November 2018

2018’s largest green energy projects

A damning report by the United Nations has revealed that the human race only has 12 years to limit catastrophic…

Think piece
5 March 2018

What is the future of energy?

The UK government has pledged that all UK’s coal-fired power stations will be closed by 2025 in a move towards…

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