3 January 2020

Retail in 2020 | The next decade for the industry

The past decade has been far from rosy for the UK high street. Further to the financial crisis of 2007/8,…

18 December 2019

Sustainability efforts in the retail sector

Consumers are growing ever more eco-conscious. Concerned by reports of climate change, they are searching for brands that take sustainability…

18 December 2019

The UK’s biggest upcoming retail projects

Going shopping certainly isn’t what it used to be. It no longer needs to involve a trip to the town…

23 August 2019

5 innovative retail spaces from around the world

As the shopping habits of consumers transform, so do the spaces in which they shop. It’s these transformations that bring…

15 February 2019

The top retail innovations of 2018

Over Christmas 2018, there were several media reports lamenting the apparent doomsday scenario for high street retailers across the UK….

13 September 2018

The five most promising retail industry innovations of 2018

The retail sector is undergoing one of its most challenging periods of all time. Changing consumer demands and the digital…

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