Think piece
29 January 2021

UK sector innovations in 2021 | What’s next for energy and transport?

The UK government has committed to raising R&D investment. With a goal of R&D spending reaching 2.4% of GDP by…

22 October 2019

National UK transportation in 2025

UK Transportation faces a number of challenges over the next few years. Firstly, the increasingly ageing sector of the population…

30 July 2019

The current state of the UK’s Industrial Strategy

The UK’s modern Industrial Strategy was launched by the government in 2017, with a long-term plan to boost productivity and…

30 July 2019

The most exciting start-up innovations in development right now

Start-ups are booming due to the burgeoning opportunities and advances driven by technological developments. What might have been unimaginable a…

Think piece
25 April 2019

What does a post-Brexit world mean for UK innovation?

Brexit, will we ever hear the last of it? Every day brings fresh news and twists in the saga which…

7 December 2018

How modern innovation has changed UK construction

Historically, the UK construction industry has suffered from a tendency to be somewhat slow on the uptake for new technologies….

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