1 September 2021

Next steps for London transport as lockdown lifts

Transport for London has been running “near-normal” levels of service across its public transport network through much of the pandemic…

26 February 2021

The UK’s 2030 petrol and diesel car rulings

As part of a “green industrial revolution”, recent government news has sparked a change in the way the UK will…

Think piece
29 January 2021

UK sector innovations in 2021 – what’s next for energy and transport?

The UK government has committed to raising R&D investment. With a goal of R&D spending reaching 2.4% of GDP by…

3 September 2020

Changes and shocks to British transport habits

Lockdown has had many of us firmly sat under lock and key, with statistics showing nearly half of people in…

29 May 2020

The next decade for UK transport

Today, we’re exploring UK transport advancement across the coming decade. The number of people globally who live in urban areas…

18 December 2019

How UK transport has changed in the 2010s

Travel by rail, bus, coach, and by car has experienced upheaval in the last decade. This rapid change has been…

Think piece
18 December 2019

Lessons the UK could learn from international transport

As recently as 2016, it would seem the UK has spent the lowest of all 34 OECD members on next-generation…

13 December 2019

The financial benefits of sustainability for London transportation

As one of the biggest capital cities in the world, London faces an ongoing challenge to keep its transport network…

22 October 2019

National UK transportation in 2025

UK Transportation faces a number of challenges over the next few years. Firstly, the increasingly ageing sector of the population…

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