Who was the client?

Bryen & Langley’s work covers a range of technically-challenging projects across a variety of sectors; from education to high-end residential. They are members of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Academy and host an impressive collection of awards from RIBA.

The UK construction industry is one of the largest in the world and is responsible for leading the country’s economic enhancement and development. 5,995 submissions were made by the construction industry from 2019 to 2020, totalling over £295m in R&D tax-credit benefit. ‘Specialist construction activities’ were responsible for 67% of all construction submissions during this period.

What was the challenge?

Bryen & Langley were referred to us by their accountants, Creaseys, as part of a review to modernise their finance function and make commercial efficiencies. Due to the complexity of the work undertaken by Bryen & Langley, Creaseys believed that there was an opportunity to claim R&D tax relief and potentially provide vital funds back into the business. To ensure the submission was robust, accurately quantified and up to HMRC’s standards, our advisers took on the claim.

Once introduced, Kene Partners spoke in reference to the R&D tax legislation, taking the time to review projects and interview key personnel within our team. As this was a busy period for the business, it was really important that this process was as pain-free for us as possible.

In order to help minimise the time invested by the client, Creaseys were able to supply financial data directly to our team of construction specialists. Our technical experts thoroughly dissected this information to identify all eligible costs that may be included in the claim.

Our process

Our advisers worked with competent professionals across the team, including site managers, contract managers and senior planners, to uncover challenges faced across eight key projects.

Kene Partners were very helpful and easy to work with. Their knowledge of the R&D legislation was second-to-none.

As experts in their field, Bryen & Langley are often tasked with meeting challenging client briefs through unconventional design solutions. This includes early-stage CAD through to developing new systems and technical equipment for on-site work. Other areas where R&D was apparent was in the implementation of usage of trialled materials to meet the cosmetic specifications for historical sites, while retaining reliable functionality and structural integrity without compromising performance during commercial developments.

By having both the technical knowledge and industry insight, our advisers were able to delve into each qualifying project in extensive detail to ensure it aligned with the R&D tax legislation. This was then condensed into a technical report that, along with meticulously reviewed and laid out financial data, accurately justified a robust R&D tax claim for Bryen & Langley. As always, the final report was reviewed by the client before submission to HMRC.

The result

We were able to achieve a sizeable R&D tax rebate for Bryen & Langley to reward their investment in innovation.

I’ve been working with Bryen & Langley for three years and have worked in similar construction roles throughout the last 12 years; I regret not claiming R&D tax credits with Kene Partners sooner.

“We’re very thankful for Creaseys and their partnership with Kene Partners. We are really satisfied with the benefit we received. True to their word, Kene Partners guided us seamlessly throughout; I must say their process was flawless.”

We are really satisfied with the benefit we received. True to their word, Kene Partners guided us seamlessly throughout; I must say their process was flawless.

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