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We are a team of specialist R&D Tax Incentive Advisors.

We help innovative companies access millions of pounds of Government money set aside to encourage innovation.

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COVID-19: How we can help

Kene Partners can complete R&D claims fully remotely to help you access vital strings-free cash injections.

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How R&D tax incentives help your business to thrive

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Enabling UK Innovation to thrive.

We help UK businesses of all sizes break down the barriers to innovation.

We do this by enabling companies to access government funding for any activity that qualifies as research and development.

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“As a result of working with Kene Partners, the amount we received in R&D tax relief more than doubled.

Kene Partners have not only saved us time and internal resource but have meant that we can reinvest twice the amount of money back into our business.”

Peter Aslet, Finance Director, Augustus Martin

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Our in-house team of R&D tax experts and industry specialists will match the requirements of your claim.


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Whether you’re looking to file your first R&D tax claim or have a pre-existing claim that you'd like to discuss, Kene Partners offer a free consultation to demonstrate how we can drive the maximum amount of capital back into your business.

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Chemical Innovation Outlook 2020

In our 2020 white paper “Chemical Innovation Outlook 2020”, Kene Partners are looking ahead to the emerging technologies such as machine learning, data science, AI, and blockchain that are increasingly permeating chemistry, a crucial sector to our daily lives.

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