Who was the client?

Debite are a niche fintech company that help businesses effectively manage their cashflow and maximise their growth potential. As part of their core offering, Debite recently launched a new credit card platform which offers flexible and affordable finance options for start-ups.

What challenges did our client face?

Due to the unpredictable nature of start-ups and the risk involved, companies often find it difficult to secure funding. To combat this, Debite sought to develop a credit card platform catering to early-stage start-ups and SMEs in the UK.

From the outset, Debite prioritised extensive research and product development in order to achieve a first of its kind solution to offer payment flexibility to underserved market segments. However, this pioneering commitment did come at a considerable cost. While exploring alternative financing and incentive models, Debite were recommended Kene Partners through a mutual friend of their business. After carefully evaluating a host of R&D Tax Advisors the decision was unanimous in selecting Kene Partners.

The result

The research and development projects carried out by Debite to create a new platform were indisputable. By leveraging our industry knowledge and experience we were able to help achieve a sizeable return on their investment in the form of an R&D cash credit.

Working with Kene Partners has given us a lot more confidence to invest in R&D going forward, thanks to their fantastic communication, attention to detail, and commitment throughout the claim process. Our benefit will be used for future product development and to fuel Debite’s growth. We are excited to continue our journey with Kene Partners.


Explore how you can improve your cash flow with advanced visibility, spending management, and fast financing options at https://www.debite.io


Debite is growing rapidly, with new products being developed and our plans continually changing, our time is limited. Kene Partners was committed to delivering the best possible results for us whilst ensuring that our claim was submitted swiftly.

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Tom Jennings

Business Development Consultant

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