Who was the client?

Itec Systems are a software development company whose market-leading recruitment tool, itris, provides recruitment processing solutions for clients around the world. Their passion and extensive knowledge of the industry has shaped the development of innovative products focused on delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Working with a large range of clients in various industries, from small independent agencies to large corporations, they cover many types of recruitment and talent resourcing.

What was the challenge?

Itec Systems had previously considered submitting a claim for R&D tax credits, but after reading through the HMRC guidance, came to the common misconception that they didn’t qualify for this generous benefit.

“The guidance is very complex and given we were not experts in the field, we chose to take a more prudent approach.”

After being introduced to us through their accountant, we were able to uncover qualifying projects and put forward a generous claim for Itec Systems.

Identifying the R&D

In order to build a robust and maximised claim for Itec Systems, it was essential for us to get to know their business. We conducted a workshop with key stakeholders, giving us the opportunity to understand qualifying projects, identify relevant expenditure and gather the key information regarding itris that we needed to build the claim.

From day one, Kene Partners’ professionalism and organisation put us at ease. The first submission did require a reasonable amount of input from us, but subsequent claims have been much easier as Kene Partners got to know our business.

For Itec Systems’ first claim, we took extra time to ensure the business was best set up for future success. This is done by optimising internal processes to accurately quantify eligible activities whilst minimising admin time, helping to ensure future claims are robust as they can be:

“Another benefit has been the requirement to track our resources and time spent on projects more accurately. We have seen an improvement in efficiency and therefore productivity because of the focus on deliverables.”

The result

We were pleased to be able to support Itec Systems through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping secure an additional cash boost for their business.

The savings and rebates against corporation tax have been substantial, imporving business cash flow. This was especially welcome during the pandemic and allowed us to ride out what was a very challenging set of circumstances.

Our fees reflect the quality of the service we provide. We always want to offer value, and our rates are an honest and competitive reflection of what we do – we apply the same diligence, rigour, and consistency to all our work. But we won’t cut corners or sacrifice client service in order to be that ‘cheap’ R&D consultancy.

“We have signed an extended deal with Kene Partners and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. There is increasing competition in this market. I am approached quite regularly by companies offering fixed-price deals and low-percentage commissions that seem very attractive. We have developed a good working relationship with Kene Partners that I do not underestimate.”

We look forward to our continued work with Itec Systems and their itris product, helping reward future innovations through the support of R&D tax incentives.

The savings and rebates against corporation tax have been substantial, and therefore the business cash flow has been improved. This has been especially welcome during the pandemic, and has allowed us to ride out what was a very challenging set of circumstances.

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