Who was the client?

The Literacy Tree is an award-winning online platform created by teachers for teachers. Their book-based primary English planning resource includes downloadable planning and resources from Reception to Year 7, covering everything from teaching writing and comprehension to spelling, assessment and home-learning. To help their customers achieve their teaching goals, they offer a variety of services including training, consultancy, and INSET support.

Discovering Kene Partners

After doing a Google search for R&D tax advisers, the Literacy Tree discovered Kene Partners. Claiming R&D can be a complex procedure, hence why businesses often seek the support of expert tax advisers. At Kene Partners, we have rigorous in-house quality assurance processes to ensure each claim holds up against HRMC scrutiny.

We decided to take Kene Partner’s quick self-assessment test to determine whether the Literacy Tree was eligible for R&D tax credits. We were so pleased to discover that we did in fact qualify. The process quickly moved on from there.

Our process

First, we held an initial meeting with the Literacy Tree to gain further insights into their qualifying projects and understand the scope of their R&D.

This was followed by a workshop led by one of our expert consultants, where we identified all relevant R&D expenditure and uncovered key financial information.

To support the Literacy Tree’s claim, we directly contacted their outsourced web developer, who carried out all software development projects. This information was used to compile a technical report within three weeks, which was sent to the Literacy Tree to review.

The Literacy Tree received their benefit in under two weeks of submission. Whilst R&D tax credit repayment times can vary, our diligent approach meant we were able to swiftly submit a robust technical report to HMRC.


The result

We worked closely with the Literacy Tree to ensure that the technical report submitted for their R&D tax claims was accurate and comprehensive.

As a result of our collaboration, the Literacy Tree received a significant amount of cashback in 2021 and a reduction in their corporate tax in 2022. This cash boost was beneficial in reimbursing costs that were invested in developing a new mobile app, rebranding, and upscaling their operations.

Whilst the cash boost has helped, the long-term goal is more about reinvesting. We would love to submit another R&D claim with Kene Partners next year and 100% recommend their services to anyone else looking to claim R&D tax credits. We have had the best experience working with Kene Partners.


The Literacy Tree will be releasing a new app in May 2023, which will be available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

They will continue to invest in new resources and developing innovative products. We are excited to work on their next R&D claim in 2023.

Kene Partners was able to take the burden off our shoulders and meticulously deal with our claim. With minimal time investment on our side, Kene Partners directly liaised with parties involved, to obtain key information.

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