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Today, we’re looking at international signage, and the companies around the world best putting it to use. Investment in engaging and immersive digital signage is one of the best financial decisions a business can make. According to SignLink, more than four-fifths (83%) of UK companies admitted that external signage was becoming their most cost-effective marketing tactic.

In addition, almost 75% of UK consumers see external signage as a measure of a brand’s quality and reputability. The UK signage industry is now thought to be worth an estimated £500 million. But, there’s still plenty more that British brands can do to improve conversion rates through signage.

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative international signage projects from around the world. These should offer some inspiration to British firms looking to improve their signage game.

Assisted selling in-store with TUI Group

The global travel brand, TUI Group, has been investing heavily in its digital brand in recent years. Part of its rebranding and new customer experience is centred around video walls and multi-touch tables. These heighten interaction for prospective customers in-store. The walls demonstrate stunning, atmospheric images of potential holiday destinations. Meanwhile, the multi-touch tables allow walk-in customers to explore destinations in more detail through the use of video and imagery. Thousands of interaction data points are now recorded daily this way.

Invaluable data gathering in-store with Telenor

In Hungary, Telenor is a cutting-edge tech firm that has developed its very own digital signage solution. It’s something that has created a unique customer experience in-store. Large displays and tablets are laid out across the store. They allow consumers to learn more about products and connect with Telenor via social media. This strategy has enabled the brand to quickly obtain consumer engagement metrics to understand the most popular products and concepts.

Multi-touch interactive ‘social wall’ in the flagship Hunkemoller store

Take a trip to Amsterdam to the flagship Hunkemoller store to experience this unique interactive social wall. This immersive wall was designed by a digital agency in the Netherlands. The aim was to display social media content, such as Instagram imagery, to passers-by. The 85-inch multi-touch wall is also fitted with a selfie camera. It allows you to take a snapshot and have it displayed to the masses on the giant wall. The wall also leverages the latest trends in fashion through popular Instagram influencers. Furthermore, it allows consumers to engage directly with the Hunkemoller brand in-store.

‘Adventure station’ provides engaging research and sales process

It seems that digital signage is proving particularly popular in the travel industry. Adventure Station in Australia is another agency prominent in the signage game. Like TUI, they seek to use interactive signage to showcase potential travel experiences and simplify the overall sales process. The fully interactive signage is shared between the salesperson and the consumer. This allows the latter to negotiate snapshots about potential experiences they could have on vacation at their own leisure. Customers can also design their own bespoke travel package. The package is then relayed directly to the salesperson’s own handheld device for easy, seamless processing.