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Display technologies have come a long way in recent years and it’s set to continue to develop at a rapid rate.  By 2020, the market is predicted to reach $27.34 billion. We’re looking into the biggest digital signage trends that you can expect to see more of as digital signage develops.

Video Walls

There has already been significant growth in the video wall market, with the growth projected to reach $18 billion. Market leaders  Samsung point out that:

‘While digital surveillance systems continue to be the leading growth catalyst, we expect increased adoption across other applications like retail, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare verticals.’

Video walls are one of the signage trends that are set to contribute heavily to the growth of digital signage. They’ve proven themselves effective across an array of industries, and are worth keeping an eye on in 2018.

Responsive content

Content is king, and there’s nothing more engaging than responsive content.

For this reason, digital signage will welcome new responsive content as we see a shift from traditional mass marketing techniques. Projections show an entirely individualised experience on the horizon. Data feeds will become more advanced, meaning the content will be instantly adjustable, giving consumers more effective ads. AI will also be able to make instantaneous data-based decisions, meaning ads will become specialised and highly targeted.

AI delivering more

The industry has seen AI developments that enable data analysis to be more specific, more accurate, and more readily available.

This is great for businesses as it means that computers can use data feeds to specifically target displays based on the information they receive. Not only does this mean better integrated marketing campaigns, but the people whose job used to be to compile this data are now freed up to become more involved in the business on whole, as opposed to having their heads forever buried in data sets.

Stories are everywhere

Digital signage is evolving from directly marketing to consumers, to adding value via storytelling. Signs no longer contain one quick, take-home message. They are long-tail narratives that follow a journey.

The sales message will always be at the heart, but digital signage is evolving to be part of an ongoing relationship between consumer and brand – one that has to be organic and natural. Stories should therefore attempt to engage consumers in a way that follows a narrative and feels genuine as opposed to forced.

Outdoor signage set to triumph

Outdoor signage might not be on the top of the agenda for most businesses right now, however with projected growth rate of 88% over the next five years, outdoor signage is starting to develop as a trend.

Since becoming more affordable, and being as vital as they are, outdoor signage is becoming a priority for businesses. LCD technology will play a major role, with eye-catching outdoor signs making their mark on the digital signage industry.

What’s next?

Further expansion is assured for the digital signage industry, with signage trends evolving every day. There’s plenty of room for new developments in the field, as businesses consider their options with regards to digital signage. If you’re thinking of evolving with digital signage trends and giving it a go, then be sure to consider your R&D tax options by speaking to a trained professional.