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If you are searching for a way to ease the burden on your business, Patent Box Relief may be the very thing you have been looking for.

Before we deliver the roadmap to getting tax relief, we should explain what Patent Box Relief is and provide the information for you to assess whether your business is eligible.

What is Patent Box relief?

Your company will qualify for Patent Box Relief if it is liable to Corporation Tax and turns a profit through the use of its patented inventions and can exclusively license them in, having also invested in the research and development of the respective patents.

However, that does not mean that you are excluded if other companies are using your patented designs for their own profits and further design developments.

If this is the case, you and your company must have the rights to develop, exploit and defend the rights of the patented invention while also having one or more rights to the exclusion of all other persons. Finally, you or your company must retain exclusivity throughout an entire national territory as a minimum.

Hopefully, your company falls into one of the above, as we will be able to help you immediately.

Working with us

Having access to the right partner to establish a diligent approach to deliver effective Patent Box Relief is critical as the process involves working with the government and a faultless understanding of the regulations in place.

Patent Box Relief may be the difference between your company being able to overcome your key competition or falling by the wayside. You understand how important small advantages can be in the current economic climate, which is why you cannot afford to pass up on an opportunity to get ahead.

Patent Box Relief represents an intelligent move by the UK government to support businesses that work hard to innovate and develop products and we know exactly how to help you and your business benefit.

We have a comprehensive and distinguished understanding of the permutations of patents across; transport, sewage and waste disposal, sciences, retail, real estate, mining, information and communication, food and beverage, energy, finance, agriculture and construction.

The fact that we operate across so many sectors, should give you the confidence that you need to work with us to unlock access to Patent Box Relief.