27 July 2022

What are the benefits of technology in education?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, countless sectors around the world are embracing technology with open arms to consistently review, innovate…

18 July 2022

How can technology reduce healthcare costs?

The UK’s healthcare system is under unprecedented pressure. A mix of COVID-19, evolving environments and an ageing population is stretching…

1 July 2022

Calculating R&D tax credits

The Research & Development (R&D) tax credits were introduced in 2000 as a way for SMEs to increase the percentage…

14 June 2022

Understanding Patent Box tax relief

The government launched the Patent Box tax relief incentive in April 2013 to encourage, incentivise and support companies that are…

2 June 2022

What is the accounting treatment for RDEC and SME R&D tax claims?

The accounting treatment can differ depending on which scheme your company falls into. There are currently two UK Government R&D…

27 May 2022

R&D tax credit deadline: How far back can you claim R&D tax credits?

If you’re new to the scheme, you might be concerned that you’ve missed your opportunity to claim on recent R&D…

11 May 2022

How digital technology can transform the food and beverage industry

Back in 2018, Accenture estimated that food and drink (F&D) businesses could reduce costs by almost £53 billion and add…

3 May 2022

What costs qualify for R&D tax credits?

Relief from the scheme, which HMRC provides in the form of a cash payment or corporate tax reduction, can form…

19 April 2022

UK R&D in 2022/23: HMRC’s upcoming changes to legislation, qualifying costs and more

HMRC has proposed a number of changes to the way R&D claims are calculated, submitted, and processed. As the administrating…

Think piece
5 April 2022

The cybersecurity industry; a discussion with Danny Lopez

Since the 1980s, we have been going further and further into what has been dubbed ‘the digital age’.  However, never…

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